06 July 2018

19 March 2018

Measuring Cultural Participation

No time for new pieces... I am working on a project for a culture and art institution in Istanbul and this was my read; Measuring cultural participation by UNESCO.  

25 February 2018


The exodus has (already) begun...its here, happening now. This new peace is dedicated to all past and future immigrants. Details will follow...

13 September 2017


We were trying to shoot ÇomÇom at its original place for a while. However, I posted cropped shots of the piece on the website but I would like to share a picture where you can see it as it is.

15 August 2017

New pieces

While I am posting the latest pieces of the second batch on the project website and Instagram (@capsuleart), I think about new pieces and different base options for them, which can highlight capsules and light.

14 July 2017

Second batch is out...

005 - Oh Deer!

I have finished five new pieces last week and I am still working on two more, but couldn't resist to share the first one out, Oh Deer! , in its location. It is in the guest room of a Bodrum stone house.